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Grant was born in Lima, Ohio into a family with 10 children. He grew up hunting and fishing to help feed his large family. Grant joined the Air Force right out of high school and served in the Korean war. After leaving Korea he was stationed at Barksdale where he met his wife, Marty. After leaving the Air Force he moved to Lompoc, California where he and Marty raised their family.

Grant Jennings is a unique artist. He is capable of taking a log from your woodpile, a broken branch or an unwanted fence post and turning it into art. Doing wood crafts started as a joint activity that he did with his wife. She would dream it up and he would make it. She loved to paint so he made many things for her to paint. They started doing craft shows and loved sharing their talent. When Marty’s health started to fail, Grant's work took a different direction with more natural finishes of no paint and stains. Grant has been commissioned to do award plaques. He has sold pieces all over the United States. He has also sold internationally. Each piece is unique. While the subject may be similar the grains of the wood may be different.   



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